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Modernization of Management System

  • Introduction of new and development of existing information systems of the University management (implementation of the "Staff management" system, integration of the information systems of the University at the University portal):
    • Development of information-educational portal of the University which contains all basic information systems of the University on the basis of web services;
    • Personal pages for teachers and students which allow them to automatically create a available to all personal portfolio, provide access to the information resources of the University and make possible on-line transfer of information to different groups of users;
    • Private pages for structural units of Kuban State University are used for informational management and interaction between different structures of the University;
  • Extension of support for scientific activities (internal competitions to support young scientists, research in the priority research areas, creation of information systems and development of information resources);
  • Personification of the remuneration system that encourages all categories of employees to achieve individual high performance for the efficient development of the University, supporting its academic reputation and brand;
  • Establishing a list of basic indicators and defining incentive indicators for academic teaching staff of Kuban State University to implement effective system of individual contracts;
  • Support of the Councils of Kuban State University defining the main objectives of the University in all areas (Scientific and Technical Council, Educational Council, Informational Council , the Council for Upbringing and Educating Students, Students’ Council);
  • Optimization of the management structure of the University within the framework of the Strategic Development Program;
  • Implementation of measures within the framework of the Program for support of the activities of student organizations aimed at the development of the student self government.


Infrastructural Modernization

Development of the University infrastructure went on in the following directions:

  •  Major overhaul of the main academic buildings, academic building of departments and university branches, students’ dormitories, basis for students’ university practice; improvement of the stadium;
  • Modernization of the laboratory and auditorium fund and material and technical maintenance of educational and scientific activities;
  • Infrastructural development of telecommunication (creation of secure access lines for remote university buildings and branches to the Kuban State University data systems), University wireless network coverage enhancement;
  • Development of general data processing centre, i. e. consolidation in virtual environment of many server side applications and data resources of the University, change for usage of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and implement of cloud-based technologies for providing computing resource and access to licensed software in order to solve educational and scientific tasks.


Finances Directed at Maintenance and Development of Current Infrastructure


Spent funds, thousand roubles

Major overhaul of academic buildings, dormitories, basis for the student’s practice, improvement of the stadium


Support of academic activity with high-technology educational and laboratorial equipment


Support of scientific and educational activity with hardware platform, multimedia equipment and telecommunication facilities


Support of scientific and educational activity with remote world database access and development of remote access systems to shared knowledge centre equipment


Material and technical maintenance of campus objects, educational buildings and other social objects


Material and technical maintenance of fitness and health recreational events, sport and leisure activities,


Procurement and design of software for scientific and educational activity and university management


Total funds directed at maintenance and development of current infrastructure: 185 437,81 roubles, including 72 307,65 roubles from Federal budget resources