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The Students’ Scientific Society was founded in 1996 with the aim to support and develop students’ scientific-research activity, to express and implement scientific interests of students.

The idea of the creation of the Society belonged to the students of the Faculty of History (today it is the Faculty of History, Sociology and International Relations). The initiative was supported by the KubSU administration and since then activities of the Society have been supervised by the Vice-President for Science and Research and Vice-President for Social Affairs. The work of the Society has been focused on the following directions:

  • Week of Science
  • Bulletin of the Students’ Scientific Society
  • Scientific activities
  • Regional conferences

In future the Student’ Scientific Society of Kuban State University is planning to organize interfaculty (interdisciplinary) conferences and scientific research works, to search for off-budget funds for the students’ scientific research, to follow the principles of continuous education, also after graduating from the University.

Week of Science

“Week of Science”, which is traditionally held in April, is the main direction of the Society’s activity. In 2001 the “Week of Science” was granted a status of the students’ scientific conference “Young Scientists to the Russian Science of the 21st Century”. Not only undergraduate students, but also postgraduates participate in the conference sessions. Winners of the reports contest held within the framework of the conference sessions, called “laureates”, are determined and rewarded according to the system, which has been gradually developed at the University.

As a rule, reports of the laureates are reckoned as term papers with the “excellent” mark. The laureates receive a money reward, which is paid by the Fund of Students’ Social Protection or from the off-budget funds of the Faculty. Their reports are published in the scientific journal of the Society, i.e. “Bulletin of the Students’ Scientific Society”. Winners of the contest can also place their reports at the University web-site.

Bulletin of the Students’ Scientific Society

“Bulletin of the Students’ Scientific Society” is an annual edition of the Students’ Scientific Society. It publishes the best works of under- and postgraduate students of the University, laureates of the “Week of Science”. In 1996-2002 five editions of the Bulletin have been published.

Scientific Activities

The “Week of Science” has broadened the range of scientific activities held at the Faculties. The Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Law started to hold quizzes, organize meetings with the representatives of the corresponding profession, etc. At the Faculty of History, Sociology and International Relations this event has turned into the scientific session of the Faculty, in which not only undergraduates and postgraduates, but also the teaching staff of the Faculty take part. In 2002 the results of the 2001 session have been published in the “Grani” collection of articles.

Regional Conferences

The Students’ Scientific Society is an organizer and co-organizer of a number of regional scientific conferences of students and young researchers, e.g. “Ways for Entrepreneurship Development in Kuban” (1996, 1997, 1998), “Archeology, Ethnography and Study of the Local Lore of Kuban” (1996-1998). In 2001 the Society jointly with the Committee for Youth Affairs of the Krasnodar Regional Administration have initiated a youth scientific-practical seminar “Professional Socialization of a Young Scientist: Problems, Search, Decisions”, which aroused interest of many higher education institutions of Krasnodar and the Krasnodar region.