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Dean – Dr. Sergei Viktorovich Potapenko

The Faculty of Law, which has over 50 years of experience, is designed to prepare highly proficient specialists, who can manage and solve market-driven economic problems, working in different spheres, particularly in business and management spheres.

5- year Programme, Entry Requirements (Unified State Exams)

40.05.01 – Legal Support of National Security – Social Science (USE), Russian (USE), History (USE)
Areas of study:

  •  Criminal Law
  •  Civil Law
  •  International Law
  •  Administrative Law

40.05.02 – Law Enforcement Activity – Social Studies (USE), Russian (USE), History (USE)

Bachelor’s Degree Programme and Entry Requirements (Unified State Exams):

40.03.01 Jurisprudence Social Science (USE), Russian (USE), History (USE)
Areas of study:

  •  Criminal Law
  •  Civil Law
  •  International Law
  •  Administrative Law

Master’s Degree Programme, Entry requirements:

40.04.01 Jurisprudence - Entry requirements: Discussions or Oral Examination in History and Theory of State and Law
Areas of study:

  •  History and Theory of State and Law, History of Law Doctrine
  •  Constitutional Law, Municipal Law
  •  Civil Law, Family Law, International Law
  •  Labour Law, Social Security Law
  •  Criminal Law and Criminology, Criminal Executive Law
  •  Criminal Procedure, Criminalistics and Forensic Enquiry, Theory of Operational Investigation
  •  International Public Law, European Law
  •  Judicial Power, Procuracy Supervision, Law Enforcement Activities, Advocacy, Notariat
  •  Administrative Law, Financial Law
  •  Civil Procedure, Arbitral Procedure


Address: Faculty of Law, KubSU, 350000, 43 Rashpilevskaya St., Offices 140, 133-A, Krasnodar, Russia

Tel.: (861)275-18-03

Fax: (861)275-18-60

Email: dean@law.kubsu.ru