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Dean - Dr. Alexander Vaschenko.

At our faculty we train students in a wide range of studies, such as History, Theology, Philosophy, Oriental studies and African studies, International relations, Sociology, Foreign regional studies. Knowledge received during the whole term of apprenticeship in these studies allow our graduates to work as advisors, consultants in certain spheres, assistant translators in state bodies and also scientific and educational institutions.

Bachelor’s Degree Programme, Entry Requirements (Unified State Exams):

47.03.01 Philosophy – full-time course – 5 years, part-time course – 6 years. Russian (USE), Social science (USE), History (USE).
Area of study:

  • Theoretical and Methodological Profile


41.03.03 Oriental and African studies - Russia (USE), History (USE), Foreign Language(USE).
Area of study:

  • History of Asian and African Countries

46.03.01 History – full-time course – 5 years; part-time course – 6 years. Russian (USE), History (USE), Social science (USE).
Areas of study:

  • Archeology
  • Russian History
  • World History
  • Historical Education

50.03.01 Arts and humanitarian sciences
Area of studies:

  • History of civilization

41.03.01 Foreign Regional Studies - Russian (USE), History (USE), Foreign Language (USE).
Area of studies:

  • European Studies
  • Asian Studies

41.03.05 International Relations – full-time course – 5 years. Russian (USE), History (USE), Sociology (USE)
Area of study:

  • International Security

39.03.01 Social Relations – full-time course – 5 years. Russian (USE), Sociology (USE), Mathematics (USE).
Areas of study:

  • Applied Methods of Social Researches/Community Studies
  • Social Theory and Applied Cognition

48.03.01 Theology -part-time course- Russian (USE), History (USE), Social Science (USE).
Area of studies:

  • State-denominational Relations

39.03.01 Social Relations -part-time course
Area of studies:

  • Applied Methods of Social Researches/Community Studies

46.03.01History- part-time course
Area of studies

  • Russian History


Master’s Degree Programme

  • 39.04.01 Sociology. Discussions in General Sociology.
  • 46.04.01 History. Discussions in World History.

 Faculty of History, Sociology and International Relations, KubSU, 350040, 149 Stavropolskaya St., Office 254, Krasnodar, Russia.
Tel. (861) 219-95-56, Fax: 219-95-55
E-mail: dean@hist.kubsu.ru