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Dean – Prof. Yuri Vladimirovich Korobko.

Faculty of Art and Graphics was founded 60 years ago. The commitment to the methods and techniques of the Realist School of Fine Arts and the propagation of enlightened love for art have become eternal traditions of the faculty. The Faculty of Art and Graphics of Kuban State University is the first faculty of artistic sector which is a part of institutions for higher education in Kuban. Specialists of the faculty have laid the foundations of the scientific-methodical and human resource base of artistic and pedagogical education of the South of Russia.

45 graduating students from the department are included in the “Unified art rating-reference book of Russian artists of the 18th-20th centuries”. Among the graduates, there are Distinguished Teachers and academics of the Russian Federation, National Award winners in the field of design and fine art, members of creative unions of artists and designers of Russia, of international federations and associations of artists. Teachers and graduates of the faculty have been repeatedly elected as chairmen and board members of governing bodies of Krasnodar Region Organization of the Artists’ Union of Russia.

Creative works of teachers and graduates of the faculty are presented in the largest museums, galleries and private collections of Russia, Europe, Asia, the USA, Canada; they represented Russian Fine Arts at the world exhibition-fair of the XX-XXI centuries in New York, and they were included in the catalogs of the world leading contemporary artists and calligraphers.

The faculty includes 25 members of specialized unions of creative artists of Russia, 4 honored artists of Kuban, 2 honored artists of the Russian Federation, honored worker of a higher school of the Russian Federation, academician of the Petrovsky Academy of Sciences and Arts, corresponding member of the International Academy of Pedagogical Education, 2 doctors of science, 9 professors, 12 PhD, associate professors.

The faculty of Art and Graphics cooperates with Michoacan University of Saint Nicholas of Hidalgo (Mexico) and Beihua University (China), Serbian Art Gallery “Nadezda Petrovic”. Every year, the faculty organizes the International creative Forum "Different worlds".

Students from Mexico, Iraq, Syria, China, and other countries are among the students and graduates of the faculty.

Bachelor’s Programs

Full-time programs

  • 44.03.05 Pedagogic Education (Visual Arts, Computer Graphics) (Applied Baccalaureate)
  • 44.03.05 Pedagogic Education (Visual Arts, Computer Graphics)

Part-time programs

  • 44.03.05 Pedagogic Education (Visual Arts, Computer Graphics (Applied Baccalaureate)
  • 44.03.05 Pedagogic Education (Visual Arts, Computer Graphics)

Master’s Program

Full-time program

  • 44.04.01 Pedagogic Education (Higher education: theory and methodology of teaching fine art)

Contact information

Address: Faculty of Art and Graphics, KubSU
350040, 149 Stavropolskaya St., Office 500H, Krasnodar, Russia
Tel.: +7 (861) 21 99 583
Email: dean@art.kubsu.ru