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Svetlana Yurjevna Kochetkova

Dean– Dr. Svetlana Yurjevna Kochetkova, Associate Professor.

The Faculty of Architecture and Design was opened in 2002. The need for its creation was driven by the emergence on the modern market of high computer technologies, programs representing the latest developments in the area of design, especially clothing design, architecture, industrial design, printing, animation.

The teaching system of the faculty relies on the close connection of the digital world, fine arts and crafts.

The main principle of the faculty lies not only in education of planners and designers trained to work with modern computer and industrial equipment, but also in providing training for specialists who are able to organically integrate into the modern Russian and global market of a wide range of design and architectural services.

The best teachers work here – they are the masters whose works are recognized in both official and underground circles.

The faculty carries out various contacts with international organizations on design and educational activities.

Various events were held within the framework of the current agreement on cooperation between Kuban State University and the Berlin University of Applied Sciences for Technology and Economics: participation in Open Days in Berlin, conducting master classes on special equipment, participation in workshops. At the moment, negotiations are underway for a double master's degree.

In 2014, a cooperation agreement was signed with the Azerbaijan University of architecture and construction, which included holding conferences, publishing articles, and students taking part in the winter school in Baku.

Within the framework of the cooperation Agreement with the "Kaizen Japanese center in Krasnodar territory", master classes, workshops, and competitions are regularly held on the basis of the University.

Bachelor’s Programs (Full-time programs)

  • 07.03.01 Architecture (Architectural Design)
  • 54.03.01 Design (Graphic and Communicative Design)
  • 54.03.01 Design (Interior and Environment Design)
  • 54.03.03 Costume and Textile Fabrics Art (Costume Design)

Master’s Programs (Full-time programs)

  • 07.04.01 Architecture (Residential and Public Architecture)
  • 54.04.01 Design (Graphic and Communicative Design)

Contact information

Faculty of Architecture and Design, KubSU,
350040, 2 Liza Chaikina St., Krasnodar, Russia
+7 (861) 275-82-32