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The history of Kuban State University, our alma mater, began on September 5, 1920.

Immediately after the establishment of the University, the first rector, Nikander Alexandrovich Marks, a former General of the Tsar’s Army, was elected by the board of professors. He was an outstanding historian and archaeologist, who specialised in systematizing the manuscripts written before the time of Peter the Great. In 1920 the University had 35 professors, 108 teachers, and 16 research assistants.

In the autumn of 1921, severe economic constraints due to the country’s financial crisis caused the closure of a number of Universities in the young Soviet Republic, including Kuban State University, which later became the Institute of Teacher Training. With the exception of the Medical Faculty, which became a separate University, the Institute of Teacher Training inherited the mission of Kuban State University, upholding the traditions and principles of Russian education. In 1970, the Institute became a University again.

 An important landmark along the way was the election of Vladimir Andreevich Babeshko as Rector of the University in 1982. Under his direction the staff of the University have succeeded in putting into practice the best traditions of Russian science, improving the learning process on the basis of scientific progress.

Kuban State University is among the leading higher educational institutions in Russia. In 2002 Kuban State University was awarded a Russian-Swiss business club gold medal for “Impeccable Business Reputation” and contest diploma of the Laureate of the “Gold Medal: European Quality” in 2004 and 2005.

In 2009 the independent agency “Reitor” included the University into the top list of the best Universities of the world, in which it was the tenth among the higher educational institutions of the Russian Federation and took the first place among the higher educational institutions of the Southern Federal District.